Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Slip and Fall Injuries: Who is at Fault?

Slip and Fall injuries are not always easy to determine who is at fault. Many thousands sustain injuries each year in slip and fall accidents. Slip and Fall accidents occur on public streets, public parking lots, business parking lots, stores of all descriptions and at private homes. Slip and Fall accidents may be the fault of the property owner or they may not be liable depending on the circumstances.

As people often say, things just happen. Surfaces get slick due to things dripping on them or a surface gets rough over time. The surface may settle and cause a condition that is not ideal. A property owner can not always be held responsible for accidents a normal person should see or avoid. People are normally expected to see or avoid obvious obstructions or conditions that are not ideal. People have an obligation to watch where they are stepping.

Property owners are responsible for unsafe conditions if they are aware of them and are required in most localities to put up warning signs advising of unsafe conditions until they can be corrected. An example would be a warning sign advising of a wet floor if the floor is being mopped. They may not be responsible if wet floor signs are properly placed and you slip and fall in the properly posted area. Slip and Fall accidents can be deemed the fault of the victim in many cases.

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